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Something I think would be cool to do next spring/summer

Cortney was talking about how frustrating it was being bored and not having things to do so I thought that some of the homeless people and the poor in our city probably feel the same way. I would like to get a video projector, like we use at church, a white sheet or something for a screen, and a portable generator so we can go and have regular movie showings in some of the poor areas where people wouldn't have money for going out to a movie and such. I suppose we'd just pick a park or somewhere downtown where those folks go to normally (Central Park or that one by Higgens and Main?). I thought we could start by doing a double feature one night a week, like Fridays and go from there. Just put out a few flyers and I'm sure word of mouth will spread as people realize they can just bring lawn chairs and blankets to watch if they are in the mood.

Maybe at the end of the night we'd say something like:

"We're putting this on every week here because we wanted to give people who can't afford to go to a movie something fun to do. We know life is really hard sometimes and hopefully you enjoyed relaxing here tonight at least. We wish we could do more to help some of the people that have had it tough, and while we can't really fix anything, we'd be honored to pray to our God for you because we believe that the bigger the problem the more He likes to help. Don't worry, you don't have to believe in God or anything for it to work, just come over later and ask one of us to pray for you. If it doesn't work, nothing lost. If it does work though, well... then your really in trouble because God wants all of you, and you'll know He's real so you won't be able to hide from Him anymore."

Where things would go from here I don't really know. Maybe if it's popular we could get other churches to help with volunteers to do free movies every night in the core area. Maybe it will be a good base for us white suburbanites to learn to interact with the poor and the homeless. Anyhow, that's my idea for something we can really do to make life better for the homeless and poor. Or at least give some of the poor refugee kids a safe place to go and hang out so they don't get picked on by gangs.

Ok... so we have all winter to start planning this. Thoughts in process. We'll see where the brainstorming takes us.

Owl on the Prowl
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