Cortney (midiario) wrote in thesouth,

Cortney trying to cause problems again

I was just looking at the website. Good work Danny, but I have a question. Under "We Believe" you think its necessary to have all that. Its a lot of Christian talk if you ask me. Its the associations statement of faith right?

Here is the thing. It does infact tell what we believe, but its difficult to understand and extremely long. I didnt even want to read it all, and I go to the church! Isnt it possible to say what we believe in a clearer way, and then if you wanted that whole statement to be avaliable you could link them to the Association page, or better yet, tell them to contact us and wed love to share with them what we are about and believe.

Maybe I am just being weird, but one thing that gets on my nerves the most about church is things that dont make sense to the outside world or are just a bunch of words. And from my experence other people dont like that either.

And then our vision... what does "passionatly spiritual" mean?? This spiritual word is way overused, and the problem is that it is used by every religion and means so many different things eh?

Just my 2 cents again. Welcome to leave it :)
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